Just enjoying some coconut ice cream in Seattle with one of my BFFs!

Twigfood is brought to you by me, Rachel Mockler, a graduate student in Environmental Studies (emphasis in, you guessed it, Sustainable Food & Farming) at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana.  When I’m not reading, writing, learning, and thinking about food and the environment whilst in school, I am being distracted by, preparing, writing (some more) about , and taking pictures of food.  I also spend my time biking everywhere, taking millions of photos, volunteering in the community, talking with my family everyday, working out like Arnold Schwarzenegger, homebrewing using local unwanted fruit, being inspired by professional wrestlers of the 1980s and early 1990s, buying too many groceries at the co-op, tromping around outside & listening to birds & identifying plants, missing trailwork & building everyday, reading, writing, listening to public radio and sometimes crying because of Sunday programming, hanging out with my wonderful friends and my partner, finding humor in most things, and generally loving every second of life.


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