The [Cranberry] Apple [Crisp] of my Eye…now with sound!

Oh JOY! It’s the most glorious day of the year…a day revolving around feasting and a day where it is okay for me to cook all day and take my time and not feel like I’m playing whilst piles of graduate school work loom over me.  It’s…THANKSGIVING.  I am going to yet another Friendsgiving which marks the third year of me being away from my family during this holiday… 😦  I am grateful for dear friends who have taken me in every year and thrown the most delectable gatherings though.  This Thanksgiving, I will be feasting with friends from my graduate school department.  I will be bringing a whole slew of things, partly because I love to cook for others, and partly because there are more people here who are localvores and will most likely make local Yukon gold potatoes mashed and chock full of Lifeline Creamery milk and butter, than care about vegans…I’m sure they care, but there won’t be any vegan mashed potatoes!!  Ain’t no hard feelings!  Soo, I will be making some local Yukon gold potatoes mashed with Earth Balance and soy milk.  MMM.  I will also be making mushroom gravy, herbed lentil croquettes, a delicata squash boat (see previous post!), aaaand two cranberry apple crisps!  Did you know that New Jersey is the third leading cranberry producer in the US of A?  It’s true!  I’ve gotta represent up here!  This recipe makes two 9 inch pies.  The crust is a coconut shortbread crust with a hint of maple.  The apples are coated in lemon zest, honey, and cinnamon.  The topping is a classic crumb, buttery, nutty, salty/sweet, and full of oats!  I hope you, your family, and your friends have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving.  May your holiday not be fraught with unsavory political or social opinions and/or discriminatory remarks of any kind. Instead, may it be full of good food, love, kindness, and warmth.  There are so many things for which to be grateful!  Enjoy.

Also, listen to this cooking/entertaining soundtrack I’ve made filled with songs with food, party, or autumn themes, or song titles that at least could be interpreted as such.  The last song is the best… Listen here:  A Very Twigfood Thankgiving Playlist

Cranberry Apple Crisp:


–  2 1/2 cups flour

– 1 cup coconut

–  1/2 cup Earth Balance

–  1/4 cup coconut oil

–  2 Tbsp flax meal + 6 Tbsp water (mix and let sit for a few minutes)

–  2 Tbsp maple syrup


–  4 medium baking or tart variety apples, cored and thinly sliced

–  2 Tbsp honey

–  2 tsp cinnamon

–  zest of 2 lemons

–  1/2 c fresh cranberries

Crumb topping:

–  2 cups rolled oats

– 1/2 cup flour

– 1/2 cup chopped pecans

–  1/4 tsp salt

–  1/4 cup Earth Balance

–  1/4 cup brown sugar

–  1 1/2 tsp vanilla


1)  In a large bowl, mix flour and coconut together.

2)  Add Earth Balance and coconut oil and use a pastry cutter (or your hands) and combine until mixture forms coarse crumbs.

3)  Add flax meal mixture and maple syrup and mix until just combined.  Knead mixture briefly and divide into two portions.

4)  Flatten evenly along the bottom and up the sides of two well greased and floured 9 inch pie pans.  Set aside.

For the filling:

1)  In a large bowl, add sliced apples and cranberries.

2)  Add honey and lemon zest and gently mix, to avoid tearing the thinly sliced apples, until combined.

3)  Arrange the apple slices in a spiral pattern (if you’re feeling particularly fancy) in the prepared pie crusts like so:

For the crumb topping:

1)  In a medium bowl, add oats, flour, pecans, salt, and brown sugar, and mix until combined.

2)  Add the Earth Balance, vanilla, and flax meal mixture and stir until crumbs form.  Top the filled apple filled pie crusts.

3)  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30-40 minutes, when the crumb topping and crust has slightly browned.

4)  Enjoy!